1) Our Stances... are exceptionally low. Especially when performed in kata.

2) Punch thrust... fist is slightly downward and centered with body. The rear leg is pulled slightly forward at the completion of the punch.

3) Formation of the fist... the index finger is not curled with the rest of the fingers. It is folded on top of the thumb muscle and locked in with the thumb.

4) Hip rotation... power generated through the rotation of the hips is noted in punches.

5) Backfists... utilizing 4 short (arm) backfists and 4 long (shoulder) backfists.

6) Blocks... Five major blocks. All spiral at the wrists to completion. Advanced delayed in spiral.

7) Snapping of head when changing directions.

8) Thousand hand exercise, five and six 'rice count' exercises and the 'sunfist'.

9) High rising block is executed from the thigh upward.

10) Clenched teeth (obvious in kata).

11) Eyes in wild stare (obvious in kata).

12) The 'eight faces'... 1> Confidence. 2> Friendly. 3> Solemn. 4>Unconcerned. 5> Contempt. 6> Shock. 7> Fear. and 8> Anger.

13) All kicks, blocks and strikes are 90% circular in execution (in both travel and spiralling).

14) For every kick in one direction, there is a reverse kick.

15) The 'twelve detailed punches'... six long and six short.

16) The 'block-punch-cover' noted in preparation and attacking movements.

17) The 'block-punch-shift-cover' noted in preparation and attack movements.

18) Te-katana and te-uke covers are very obvious in both technique practice and our katas.

19) Body is always relaxed until the exact moment of impacting a technique to its target.

20) Form sparring (kata-kumite), stance sparring (dachi-kumite) and free exercise (jiyu undo)

21) Ippon kumite wazas, Taezu naru waza and Kihon kumite waza.

22) The mention of Matsumura, Motobu, Hsing, Trias and our own name.

23) The pine tree patch... attained through exacted knowledge of our system. It stands for strength, endurance and longevity.
The three designation levels are: 1> White pine tree: basic (kyu) standards. 2> Black pine tree: black belt (dan) standards. 3> Black pine tree with red sun: chief instructor / teachers standards.
Shuri-ryu karate-do is recognizable by the following attributes / characteristics:
System Characteristics...
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